Storage Room Project: Part 2

Now that former conservator Ada Hopkins has retired, I am tasked with trying to fill the role that she defined during her time at the Bata Show Museum. For my first Conservation Blog I thought I would update everyone on the Storage Room Project that she wrote about in April 2022. The new storage room […]

Summer 2022 Young Canada Works Project at the Bata Shoe Museum

This summer I am joined by Emma Pakstas and Eric Watters, both graduate students in Toronto Metropolitan University’s Photography Preservation and Collections Management program at the Creative School. Their work with me on the Digital Photography Project here at the Bata Shoe Museum is funded in part by the Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations […]

Writing a Condition Report

It’s important to have written and visual documentation on the condition of an artefact. This allows one to keep track of any changes to the materials, particularly for footwear composed of modern materials. Condition reports are written for incoming loans when other institutions and private collectors lend to upcoming exhibitions at the BSM. We also […]

Storage Room Project: Phase 1

Right off the bat, I want to apologize for the quality of the photographs. The room in which we are working has extremely limited lighting, which results in murky images! In February, we removed all the tables that had been used for temporary storage in the future permanent storage room. The first step in retrofitting […]

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